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After years of operating primarily as a wholesale dealer of numismatics, we realized that there is a definitive need for a professional “brick and mortar” coin shop in the South Bay to service a wide variety of clients wishing to buy and sell coins. Thus, in early 2012, Meridian Coin opened its doors to the public in the Farmers and Merchants Bank Center in Torrance, CA. We pride ourselves on our knowledge, market information and trade experience, and we offer that level of expertise to everyone we meet.

We have over 30 years of professional experience buying, selling, trading and researching all U.S. and World numismatic items. Our numismatic experience includes assignments at premier auction houses and rare coin trading firms and experience at several national-level coin firms. We have first-hand knowledge not only of the rare coin industry, but also of the precious metals market, shipwreck numismatics, all US and World rarities, auctions and estate sales; we have helped countless enthusiasts and sellers reach their collecting and investing goals. Meridian Coin has advised banks and financial institutions on the value of numismatic holdings and we have helped those institutions liquidate those holdings for top market prices. Contact Meridian Coin for ANY questions you have concerning coins or precious metals– our philosophy is to educate our customers. Every inquiry and transaction is treated in a courteous, professional manner.

Please check into our website frequently for updates to inventory and for informative articles on numismatics and related financial news. Be sure to visit our storefront and always get our appraisal or offer before making a decision about where to buy or sell your coins. We look forward to doing business with you and we hope that we can all share in the excitement that surrounds the buying and selling of rare coins, precious metals and the rarities of our past and future.

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Customer Feedback

The owner Dave was there to help us and he very quickly sorted our Grandfather’s collections into keep, crap, and save piles. He was fast and very matter of fact. He explained that much of it was similar to old pocket change and that it was worth a little, it wasn’t anything to get excited about. There was a decent amount of silver in the pocket change, so that we sold to him for market value. He did find a good amount of collectible coins that he said would rise in value or if we wanted to sell them, what we would be able to get for them. He also did us the favor of telling us which coins would be best to preserve the memory of our Grandfather.

All in all it was a very cool experience and we made a good amount of money while preserving the memory of our Grandfather. Thanks a lot Dave, we appreciate it.