Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do you charge for an evaluation of my coin(s) and/or coin collection?

At Meridian Coin, we pride ourselves on our knowledge, market experience and transparency. We do not charge any fee to give a verbal quote on coins assuming that someone is actually in the market to sell their coins and just needs an expert to walk them through the process of how coins are evaluated and priced fairly. If someone needs an official appraisal for a bank, trust or legal matter and they know that they will not be selling them, then we do charge $225 per hour for a formal written appraisal. If the party pays for a formal appraisal and then subsequently decides to sell their collection to us, we refund the appraisal fee that they paid prior.

2) Should I clean my coins?

Simply…..NO! It takes years and years of professionally dealing in coins to understand how, when and why to “curate” a coin. The untrained person will almost certainly destroy some level of value of a coin if they decide to clean it. In some cases, the drop in value could be extreme. It is always best to check with a firm like Meridian Coin before taking any action.

3) How do I get paid for my coins and/or collection?

Meridian Coin pays instantly on all collections, individual coins, firearms, etc. We will pay via bank check or bank wire. For small over the counter transactions, we do offer cash payment.

4) What does Meridian Coin buy?

We are a numismatic firm that has extensive to expert knowledge of coins. We buy just about everything with regards to United States coins struck by the U.S. Mint. We buy all modern bullion in silver, gold, platinum and palladium. We also purchase Greek and Roman ancient coins and all World Coins. A brief list of what we buy is listed below:

  • All United States Bullion Coinage ( Eagle and Buffalo) in silver, gold and platinum
  • All United States Commemorative coins in gold and silver
  • All Pre-1933 United States gold coins
  • All United States type coins from 1792-1964 for all denominations.
  • 90% silver (Pre-65 silver coinage)
  • Circulated Morgan and Peace dollars
  • Gold and silver World Coins
  • All United States Currency
  • World Currency
  • All PCGS and NGC graded coins and currency!
  • All shipwreck coins, U.S. and foreign (ex: S.S. Central America, S.S. Brother Jonathan, S.S. Republic, Atocha, etc)
  • Any exotic Americana items
  • Anything relating to the Civil War
  • Anything relating to the Gold Rush Era
  • Diamonds (We attended GIA and received our diamonds diploma)

Meridian Coin is also a federally licensed firearms dealers, FFL 07, and will purchase all modern and antique firearms. We also buy ammunition. If you have vintage pistols or rifles , we are interested.

5) How does Meridian Coin determine the value of coins?

We have spent our entire adult life on the national coin show circuit trading coins. The principal owner of Meridian Coin has handled tens of millions of dollars of United States and World rare coins. When it comes to pricing coins, we are very efficient. Using our trading experience, the Coin Dealer Greysheet, auction records and market knowledge, this allows us to price coins extremely competitively. We are very strong buyers due to the fact that our experience has allowed us to build a huge network of dealers and collectors to which we sells coins. In all honesty, there is really not a coin that we cannot figure out what to pay for it and pay strong.

6) Do you travel to look at coin deals?

Yes, we travel anywhere in the United States to evaluate and/or purchase coin deals. We do require that certain requirements be met for us to come to you, but this is a brief process via the telephone that is of no charge to the party. Obviously we will not be flying to Kansas to buy $500 worth of proof sets.

7) How do I ship my coins to Meridian Coin if I live outside of Los Angeles?

If you would like us to evaluate your coins you can ship them to us. In order for this to happen, you can call us and we will discuss your coins over the phone first. If your coins and/or collection is of interest and it does not warrant us traveling to see you, we will give you instructions on how to ship your coins completely insured to our store in Los Angeles. We pay for the shipping and the insurance. Once your coins arrive, we double check the contents according to a predetermined inventory list and then price the coins. The turn around time to get an offer back to the client is usually same day. If you take our offer, we will overnight a check or send a bank wire. If you decided not sell, we ship back the coins via insured mail.

8) What Should I Expect When I Visit Your Storefront?

Meridian Coin prides itself on our courteous attitude and security awareness. Our storefront has a myriad of security to insure that ourselves and our client base are safe during the entire process of bringing their collection to us. We encourage people to bring a positive attitude to our location as we will unquestionably give you the same. All of your coins will be evaluated directly in front of you at all times. The entire process is transparent and we hope to give those who appreciate knowledge a bit of an education in the process. Payment is immediate and our banking location is also very courteous to our clients. After more than a decade of traveling to coin shops and coin shows nationwide, the owner of Meridian Coin has strived to create the kind of coin store and collectibles store that he would like to walk into himself.

9) How Do You Quote Precious Metals Prices?

Meridian Coin uses the daily New York Spot price as the basis for buy and sell quotes during normal trading hours. This applies to gold, silver, platinum and palladium. For example, if someone calls and asks what Meridian Coin is paying for 1 ounce American Gold Eagles, the answer will sound something like this, “We are paying $15 over spot” or “We are paying $15 back of spot”. This means that if you take the spot price of the metal at hand, you would add or subtract the amount Meridian Coin specified and that is what we pay per ounce.

10) How Does Meridian Coin Take Bullion Orders?

Our bullion inventory varies day to day and we move a lot metal very quickly. On a daily basis we sell metals out of our storefront to clients. In a face-to-face transaction at our storefront, the client can take the metal with them as long as they have paid with good funds. This means cash, bank wire or check. In the case of the check, the bullion will be held until the check is cleared at our bank.

If Meridian Coin does not have the bullion you are looking for, we will order it for you. In this case the procedure is as follows. The spot price is confirmed, the product that the client wants is confirmed, the end price of the product is confirmed and an estimated date of delivery is established. Both the client and Meridian Coin sign an agreement stating the aforementioned specifics and then the client provides me with a 50% to 100% deposit.

11) What Are The Sales Tax Implications In California?

When you buys any rare coins, bullion, collectible or firearms from us, you will be subject to the Los Angeles County tax rate on all transactions of $1500 and below. Once the $1500 amount, on a per transaction basis, is surpassed, you are exempt from sales tax on bullion. Firearms will always be subject to sales tax.

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Customer Feedback

I found Meridian to be a professional coin store, with good selection and easy to find location. I bought some silver eagles and some bullion and have been there twice. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable in collectibles. I also found their pricing to be quite fair and reasonable compared to other shops in LA that I have visited.