Photo Gallery

The purpose of the Photo Gallery is to profile the coins that we think offer something special. Whether it be a historical context, a technical coin aspect or just a coin that is so cool it hurts, the Photo Gallery will always offer something for everybody to say “wow” about. It will not necessarily be about value; it could be about design, shape or merely the fact that it survived. We hope you enjoy!

Please note that any item you see in this section is or was the property of Meridian Coin.

(1505-1509) England Henry VII Angel NGC XF45
1870 $3.00 Princess PCGS AU55
image of Thracian Koson Stater
A choice coin that NGC graded 5/5. Perfect surfaces and centering.
image of Costa Rican gold coin
A classic gold coin from Central America.
image of 1912 $10 Indian
Astonishing 1912 $10 PCGS MS64. This originality is rarely seen!
image of 1844 British half crown
Incredible coin in terms of originality and eye appeal.
image of 1980 Proof Russian gold coin
NGC PF69. Rare proof issue. Absolutely beautiful and perfect in every way.
1832 Brazil 6400 Reis
Timeless perfection in terms of eye appeal
Purchased by Meridian Coin in 2012. Perfect originality. Ex-Byron Reed collection.
image of dragon coin
Basel. Medal. 35.7 mm. 31 grams. Awesome Dragon design. Nearly an ounce of gold.
image of Proof 1862 $3.00 Princess
A phenomenal coin from the Byron Reed Collection. Mintage of only 35 proofs
1803/2 $5.00 PCGS AU58
A beautiful, original Draped Bust half eagle. Ex Byron Reed
Accuracy International AW at 1000 yards
AI AW fired prone at 1000 yards
Winkler II spike knife
Daniel Winkler II Spike Knife
Transition shooting on the move
Transition shooting on the move
11890 Swiss Shooting Medal
1890 Swiss Shooting Medal
A beautiful example of a 2 Reales from Mexico