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We do not give quotes or estimates over email or phone, please make an appointment below to bring your items to our store for an accurate evaluation. Please allow 24 hours for us to respond to your inquiry. We will respond as quickly as possible during our hours of operation.

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Selling your coins, currency, or collections is easy at Meridian Coin. Follow these easy steps to sell:

  • 1. Make an appointment: (310) 375-4000 or On Our Website

    Appointments are now required- give us a ring at (310) 375-4000 or request it on our “Sell Your Coins” page and we will advise you to set up an appointment if needed. The appropriate expert will help you out, but it is always best to see the item in person for our experts to authenticate. Prices are not always given or guaranteed over the phone.

  • 2. Or send an email

    If you are looking for general advice or just have one or two coins, send us an email at:, with pictures of your items if possible. We can help estimate the value of the coins before you make your way to us. Like inquires over the phone, prices are not always given or guaranteed until the item is seen by our experts.

  • 3. Care for your coins

    • Do not clean them! Improper cleaning can actually lower the value of a coin. Even something simple like wiping it or washing it with water is dangerous. Coins are valued as they are over time, including the ones that naturally tone into different colors.
    • Keep them in a cool and dry place. Until their sale, storage is important to avoid damaging them by heat or moisture.
  • 4. Come into our store

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    • Please set up an appointment with one of our representatives to confirm your day and timeslot. If you need to cancel or reschedule, please provide at least 24 hours in advance.
    • We will evaluate each of your coins/sets based on their condition, mintage, and current market/auction prices.
    • We offer a fair market price to buy and you can walk out that day with a check in hand!
  • 5. Let us help you

    • No inventory sheets are needed! We will organize your collection of coins- no matter how big or small.
    • We can walk you through each of the different types and explain why certain coins are priced differently than others.
    • We offer a fair and competitive market prices for your collection and are willing to work for your business.
  • 6. Get paid today

    We will give you a check on the spot for your collection. It’s easy to deposit at your own bank or to cash out without a fee at ours nearby. We can also pay cash for smaller collections.

  • 7. Smile!

    We want an easy and effortless experience for our customers who are selling. Ask us any question about coins or our company and we will find the answer for you. We believe in our mission to serve our clients and will offer our best knowledge and advice to help.

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We Love What We Do: We are proud of our company and the name we have established in the South Bay community.  We constantly strive to serve its people with reputable knowledge and service.

The owner Dave was there to help us and he very quickly sorted our Grandfather’s collections into keep, crap, and save piles. He was fast and very matter of fact. He explained that much of it was similar to old pocket change and that it was worth a little, it wasn’t anything to get excited about. There was a decent amount of silver in the pocket change, so that we sold to him for market value. He did find a good amount of collectible coins that he said would rise in value or if we wanted to sell them, what we would be able to get for them. He also did us the favor of telling us which coins would be best to preserve the memory of our Grandfather.

All in all it was a very cool experience and we made a good amount of money while preserving the memory of our Grandfather. Thanks a lot Dave, we appreciate it.