Tubman on the $20 in ’20: What to Expect

April 22, 2016 by Meridian Coin

The news about Harriet Tubman making the $20 Bill is an exciting for the numismatic community.  No matter what your opinion on the forthcoming change, what we have is a new National conversation kicking into high gear that is all about the $20 Bill.  As a numismatist, that has me pretty excited.

But before I get side-tracked, let me get to the salient point I want to make: there is no reason to hoard your Jackson $20s!

We buy $1 1957 Blue Seal Silver Certificates every day, and we sell them, once in a while, at a tiny profit.  So there is no reason to expect your Jackson average $20 Bill to be worth $100 tomorrow, in 2020, or at any foreseeable future date, no matter the condition.

That said, if you get better notes that are worth more even now – perhaps an uncut sheet or a significant error that has been certified and encapsulated certified, you might be able to expect that note (or notes) to go up as the proposed changes come to fruition.  But be careful; the push-back that the Bureau is getting could cause them to just as easily reverse their decision.

My expectation that is by 2030, we’ll be buying average circulated Jackson $20 Bills for $20.20.  And by 2050, we could buy them for $21 (if inflation continues at about the same rate.)  The point is, don’t hoard your Jackson $20s.  If you want to keep them, get some in fresh brand new condition and keep them that way – that’s what collectors of notes like.

Don’t forget that the common stuff stays common but the scarce stuff always gets scarcer.  As is always the case, collect what you like because you like it – don’t try to speculate.

“Investment” of any kind is a long term journey.  One that requires a great deal of hard work and learning.  But collecting seriously can also be incredibly rewarding if you’re willing to put in the time and effort!

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